In Savelings you can go on a fun journey with Johnny to find and capture all the Savelings you can. If captured the Savelings must reward you with real treasures! Where are the Savelings? They are all around hiding in eggs!


Discover Savelings in your everyday life, capture them and get rewarded with cash, discounts, prizes and more.

Download the game. Sign up and check your map for eggs. It is that easy! If an egg is in your circle you and Johnny can capture it. A quick sling shot on target captures the Saveling and they will reward you with a real prize. Not a game token or virtual prize. You and Johnny collect as many Savelings in your backpack as you can and then redeem or share the rewards with your FRIENDS.


Team up to win big! Psst Capturing Savelings isn’t as easy as it looks.

Look at these rewards. Having too many Savelings is like having too much money. It isn’t possible! Saving money and winning prizes has never been so much fun. Johnny is waiting for you to sign up now.

Capture Savelings Anywhere
Amazingly Fun
Compete with your friends
Share your rewards with others
Collect Saveling Characters
Save Money
Win Prizes
Make Money
Get Discounts
Have Fun


Catch Savelings on Google Play