Scavaging Real-Life Rewards with Savelings

With a vast range of available rewards that include Food & Drinks to Sports & Recreation, Savelings ensures that an applicable prize is available for any demographic of players.

To be rewarded with cash, discounts, and other prizes, the game is highly recommended for both its entertainment and monetary value.

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Special thanks to the people over at for a 4.5 star rating!

Some great quotes from them…

“Overall, we found that for folks who like to both get active and save money, Savelings can be a great app.

Unlike Pokemon GO, Savelings has actual real-world benefits.” and

Savelings is a very cool location-based, augmented reality game that offers an exciting twist on Pokémon GO.”

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Thanks to the good people over at for giving us a solid 8.8 Rating. We appreciate the good rating!

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We were fortunate to get another great review from our friends over at Thanks for checking out our app we are glad you enjoyed it.

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