Find local customers with pinpoint accuracy

Advertise where your customers are standing


Where can people find my Savelings/Rewards?

With Savelings you can define both where you want your characters/rewards to be shown and where not to show them.

With Savelings, you can targeting specific coordinates, addresses and/or entire areas with a variety of rewards helps you engage your customers with messages that resonate with them.


What kind of locations can I choose?

While setting up your campaign you can choose to show your Savelings in a variety of targeted locations including:

  • GPS Coordinates
  • List of Addresses
  • Cities
  • States/Province
  • Countries


Can I exclude locations also?

Yes, when you setup your campaign you can choose to exclude locations and/or areas using the same options as when including to prevent your adSpots from showing in areas you don’t want them to appear.