Savelings partnered up with the Santa Cruz Warriors to celebrate the 2017 playoffs with The Sea Dub Search Party

Meet Squatchy…

He’s hard to find and some may say he isn’t real, but we know better. If you can find him he may prove all the scientists wrong!




Meet Squatchy…

He’s hard to find and some may say he isn’t real, but we know better. If you can find him he may prove all the scientists wrong!




Here’s Earbud!

Johnny Radios number one fan. EarBud likes to jam out while catching Savelings!

EarBud’s Merchant: 

What are Savelings anyway?

Savelings are characters which are chosen and/or created by you as a merchant. They Savelings give you a method to promote your brand, products and company in a way that is both fun and engaging.

Savelings are captured in a game played on our network. Players capturing a saveling are given a reward which is also chosen by you as part of your adSpot Campaign.


How can Savelings help me with my brand?

Savelings help provide you with a fun and engaging way of representing your company in a way in which consumers can relate. The more lively and engaging your Saveling character is, the more likely it is to be adopted by consumers as a favorite Saveling.


What are Saveling Attributes?

All Savelings have the same type attributes which are chosen when they are created. The Saveling Characters attributes are ranked from 1-120 with 120 being the highest level. A Savelings attributes determine how well they are will do in comparison to other savelings in the games.

Social Ranking


What are Savelings Characteristics?

All Savelings share some similar characteristics including;

  • Global Count – The number of times this Saveling has been caught everywhere.
  • Player Count – The number of players who have captured this the saveling.
  • Rarity – Common, Rare, Very Rare ranking which describes the saveling.


Can I create a custom Saveling?

You can create custom Savelings easily by creating two images with the following formats:

Custom Saveling Image Requirements

  • Each Saveling must have two images defined, a large (480 x 480px) and small (180px x 180 px) sized images which fit inside of the savelings badges. The badge sizes are listed below.
  • The Saveling will be presented on a badge background. The badges are available for download below
  • Saveling images must be in the .png or .jpg format.

Download the large badge background

Download the small badge background


Can I just choose a Saveling?

We have hundreds of savelings which we can let you choose from if you do not want to create your own to get started.


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