Its easy to create Rewards

And Engage your customers


How do I engage new customers?

Savelings is a fun and exciting game and it engages people playing it to capture Saveling Characters. When they capture a character the characters give the players a prize which further engages them.

Because all of our Savelings are targeted to be shown in specific locations, its likely that the rewards are highly relevant to the player who is standing near one of your locations. The rewards entice the players to visit your locations and engage with you as a Merchant.


What rewards can I create?

We have a variety of reward types you can offer your customers making it easy to identify which rewards engage customers effectively.

Offering customers a variety of rewards in a single campaign with a variety of Saveling characters.

Reward Types

  • Percentage Discounts
  • Cash Discounts
  • Prizes
  • Download Links
  • Gifts