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Drive as much or as little as you need


How do we charge?

Pay for Captures

Our pricing is simple, as a merchant, you pay each time someone captures your Saveling and is rewarded with your discount.

Captures are purchased upfront, allowing you to budget. The more captures you purchase upfront, the more you save. You will never be charged more than the amount of captures you have purchased.

New Merchant Pack

  • Includes 200 Saveling Captures

  • Get 100 free adSpot Captures with the purchase of 100.

Small Merchant Pack

  • Includes 750 Saveling Captures

  • Get 250 free adSpot Captures with the purchase of 500.

Fast Growth Pack

  • Includes 1500 Saveling Captures

  • Get 500 free adSpot Captures with the purchase of 1000.

Enterprise Pack

  • 10,000+ Saveling Captures

  • We will work with you to create a customized campaign for your enterprise.