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How to capture new customers by bringing them directly to you!

Activity based marketing driven by real-time location tracking is sweeping the world as the new platform for capturing new customers. Mobile and real-time discounting and coupons are the fastest growing marketing online today. As a Saveling merchant you can create a campaign and spawn new Savelings all over the world on our patented location based delivery network. In front of your stores, at events, anywhere! As our players play the game, they capture Saveling’s with your characters and prizes you have customized for your campaigns. Rewarding players and directing them straight to your locations, events products, etc. Players feeling like they have won something are more motivated to take action. Giving you the most targeting marketing you could ever ask for. Savelings redefines what it means to interact with and engage with new and existing customers. Don’t limit your campaign ideas as our activity based marketing platform offers a variety of methods to reward customers from giveaways, contests, events, discounts, awards, points, etc. all redeemable from their phone.

Local GeoTargeting

When you setup a Savelings Campaign you decide where you want your Savelings to be spawned and your adSpots will be shown at those locations. This means you can target any location on the planet with an adSpot simply by spawning a Saveling there. If a player is within 2 miles of the adSpot, they can see it on their map and when they are within 150m of the Saveling, they can capture it! This will allow you to target high visibility or close proximity locations at very low costs.

Global Reach

When we say anywhere we mean anywhere that is legal of course!
Saveling Campaigns can allow you to target wider audiences without limitations. Your campaigns can be setup to target audiences in any geolocation, city, state or country. As customers play the game in one of those areas, your adSpots will be served up!

Custom Characters & Brand Development

You decide what characters or images you want to use to represent your Savelings. Customize your Savelings to promote your brands, logo or products and offer multiple savelings in a campaign. Using Savelings will not only drive brand awareness, but can also create availability and location awareness!

Rewards, Prizes and Discounts redeemable on mobile devices

Savelings can reward players with a variety of prizes including discounts, cash prizes, coupons, products, custom prizes and downloads. We leverage existing redemption/coupon codes systems and can import or generate codes for you. What you reward players with is up to you. The better the prize, more likelihood they will redeem it while on your location! The better the prize the greater the excitement of wining. You want to be the Saveling everyone is looking for.

New Customer creation through Sharing

Creating demand through social networks is paramount to a successful campaign. That is why we allow Players to share Savelings with others giving you the merchant an opportunity to gain another customer in the process. What better way to get a new customer than to have one player share a reward with another player they know is interested. It is almost like having an entirely new salesforce!

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